No 1 Deco Flush Timber Windows

Deco Flush Sash characteristic mainly designed parts added to the first look of the window, which permits the opening sashes to seem deep-set within the frame.

Deco Flush Timber Windows

This measure back of the framing is a piece of essential information communal to the burial-war time of the war and was used by workers to supply a degree of modelling to the facade of an urban house.

The Deco Flute Sash shares the scientific horizontal surface of our sash range with deflection and turns free timber. These safe locks prosecute in aggregate points around the margin of all opener, airing channel and glazing units which lose approximately half the warmth of average dual glazing.

These causes are typically polished in white, of light or cream to construct the existent street area, but are too accessible hand-smooth in 100% conventional sunglasses and timber discolouration.

Discipline ironmongery from our Samuel Shrub scope perhaps added as demands, with our Deco restraint and Slippery Form Casement Stay in Polished Nickel being a best-selling selection.

Sensational Original Timber

Applied scientist timber is in use each over the globe to develop wide-span construction even in the region of advanced wetness. This clever skillfulness produces a material that is precisely powerful and immune to warp or squirming. Combine with conventional window design delivers an extremely-lasting window with a broad life outlook and low maintenance.

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